Mind Reading is a Willpower + Perception / Empathy + Betazoid / Telepathy roll. It is resisted with Willpower + Discipline if unwanted. Telepathy is an action.

  • Reading Surface Thoughts / Emotions is an Easy difficulty.
    • For every tier by which you overcome the difficulty, you gain a +1 Step bonus to Influence or Perception checks against the target.
  • Speaking with someone mind-to-mind is an Average difficulty.
    • This increases by +4 for each additional person in the “mind” network.
  • Digging for specific information is a Hard difficulty.
  • Digging for a long-repressed or obscure piece of information is Heroic or higher.


  • You can choose to speed up the transfer of information for every 4 by which you overcome the difficulty.
    • Tiers are Normal (+0), 10 seconds / second (+4), 1 minute / second (+8), 10 minutes / second (+12), 1 hour / second (+16)


When telekinetically manipulating objects, Betazoid / Telekinesis replaces the physical attribute you would otherwise use while interacting with the object. Telekinesis also gives you the ability to manipulate things from a distance that you otherwise wouldn’t normally be able to. Your character must be able to perceive something in order to use Telekinesis. If you attack a target, use your Betazoid/Telekinesis die rating in place of a weapon damage roll. Your character can choose to deal Stun, Basic or Wound damage.

  • Example
    • Picking a lock from across the room = Betazoid/Telekinesis + Covert/Lockpicking
    • Throwing a person to hurt them = Betazoid/Telekinesis + Unarmed Combat/Judo
    • lift a super heavy object (or a burst of telekinesis) Betazoid/Telekinesis + Willpower


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