Character Creation

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Rank: Cadet
Authentication: *******
The following details the capabilities, training and abilities of the Cadet:

Using BSG Rules for this Game

Attributes (12 pts)

Starfleet Training: All Attributes begin at d6
Starfleet has strict mental and physical requirements for joining and completing the Academy.

Skills (48 pts)

Starfleet Training: Athletics d4, Discipline d6, Guns d4, Knowledge d4, Unarmed Combat d4
Additionally, Select One of the following to represent your focused Starfleet Training:
Mechanical Engineering d6, Pilot d6, Scientific Expertise d6, Technical Engineering d6

Assets (16 pts)

Starfleet Training: Starfleet Rank d4
After graduating from the Academy, your character holds the rank of Cadet.

Complications (Limit 12 pts)

Starfleet Training: Duty d6
Starfleet is a life changing experience, and everyone that goes through it feels a part of something bigger than themselves

Character Creation

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