Nearah Valdez

Betazoid Pilot


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Derived Attributes

Life Points (Vitality + Willpower)   18
Initiative    (Agility + Alertness)     d12 + d10
Endurance (Vitality + Willpower)  d12 + d6
Resistance (Vitality + Vitality)        2d6


Agility d10             Alertness d12
Strength d6           Intelligence d8
Vitality d6             Willpower d12

Assets / Traits

  • Starfleet Training: Starfleet Rank d10
    • Commander
  • Allure d6
    • gain a Skill step die bonus on all actions keyed to appearance, such as: seduction, negotiation, persuasion, or winning beauty pageants
  • Comptech d4
    • Whenever you are working on a program, running sensor sweeps, or hacking your way into an encrypted data pad, you gain a Skill step to your roll.
  • Born Behind the Wheel d6
    • Whenever you are piloting you gain a Skill step to your roll.
  • Betazoid d6
    • Telepathy/Empathy d8 | Telekinesis d8


  • Starfleet Training: Duty d6
    • Starfleet is a life changing experience, and everyone that goes through it feels a part of something bigger than themselves
  • Memorable d4
    • You’re easily identified. Others gain a step bonus equal to your trait die to Alertness when attempting to spot you or recognize your likeness.
  • Nosy d4
    • Must know everything, step penalty equal to trait die to willpower to resist butting in/eavesdropping, penalty to social situations due to asking questions
  • Phobia: Clausterphobia d2
    • must make willpower (with step penalty equal to trait die) or be shaken
  • Amorous d2
    • step penalty equal to trait die to resist being seduced


Artistry d6 / Painting d8
Athletics d4
Discipline d6 / Mental Resistance d8 / Morale d8
Guns d6 / Phasers d8
Heavy Weapons
Influence d6 / Persuasion d10
Knowledge d4
Mechanic* d6
Medicine* d6 / Internal Medicine d8
Melee Weapon
Perception d6 / Empathy d12
Pilot* d6 / Cruiser d10 / Shuttle d8
Ranged Weapons
Science* d4
Tech* d6
Unarmed Combat d6


Nearah Valdez

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