Star Trek - Halcyons End

Nearah Log #1

Commander’s Log Stardate 41254.7
Authentication Credentials:

Rank: Commander
Authentication: *******

Well, yesterday I was an Ensign and today I’m a Commander. I cannot wait to message my parents—they’re going to be equal parts horrified and excited all in one, it should be wonderfully entertaining to get their reactions. And I suppose I’m also equal parts horrified and excited as well. I never dreamed I would gain an officer’s rank this quickly, let alone the Commander spot on a ship. I know I’ll have lots to learn and hope that the wonderful grew I’m assigned with will be gracious in my growing period.

I’ve already met so many interesting people it’s clear that going into Starfleet was definitely the right decision! I just can’t imagine not having this much excitement in my life—it’s been a bit of a dream come true quite honestly. And I’m even more hopeful that my new post will be just as exciting as the last 48 hours have been!

I supposed the first thing I want to log is Copilot. An intelligent life form I encountered during a ground mission. It seems little Copilot has many amazing abilities, one of which, the ability to make sure my logs are very secure and very private since I intend to record confidential information (and probably slightly incriminating information).


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